40th Anniversary Party

Did you and your hubby meet at Super Bowl V, when the Baltimore Colts defeated Dallas? Did you ever write your wife a love letter, and send it with a .08 cent United States postage stamp? Maybe your first date was at the movies, for $1.50 a ticket. Forty years ago, life was much different than it is today. However, the one thing that has not changed is that you and your husband are still together! Congratulations on spending four decades together as husband and wife. Forty years together calls for a celebration. A 40th wedding anniversary party is a superb way to celebrate with family and friends!

Here are some 40th wedding anniversary party ideas to help you start planning your celebration:

  • Location: Both formal and informal 40th anniversary party ideas can be combined together to equal one splendid event. First, hire a local party rental company to set-up a tent in the backyard. The backyard tent party can be either formal or informal. Set up a BBQ style buffet with chicken, steak tips, macaroni, string beans and cornbread for an informal party. Hire professional caterers to serve chicken, fish or meat, and other courses for a formal event.
  • Theme: The red ruby is the traditional gift for a 40th anniversary. Bring the tradition to fruition and use red and white as the theme colors for the 40th anniversary party. Purchase all 40th anniversary party supplies, such as balloons, streamers, favors and centerpieces in red and white.
  • Favors: Order personalized red and white M&Ms, and put them in clear plastic boxes for 40th anniversary party favors. Top the box with a sticker that has the first letter of the couple’s last name in large, capital text. The husband’s first initial of his first name should go on one side of the capital text, and the wife’s should go on the other. Tie thin red and white ribbon around the boxes. Place each favor on a table place setting.
  • Centerpieces: Purchase a group of balloons for table centerpieces. One of the balloons in each centerpiece should say, “Happy Anniversary” or “40th Anniversary.” Purchase red balloons to surround the main balloon.Tie the balloons to decorative weights so that they stay in place on the table.
  • Entertainment: First, decide if you prefer a live band or disc jockey. The benefit of hiring a live band or disc jockey is that they can cater to the couple’s wishes. For example, the DJ or band can formally introduce the couple to all guests upon their entrance into the celebration. It is also easy to communicate with guests about when they should be seated for lunch or dinner. For those on a tight budget, create a playlist of songs on an mp3 device, and attach it to speakers for all to hear. In either case, play the first dance song that the couple selected 40 years prior, on their wedding day.
  • Memories: Create a very special end to a perfect evening by setting up a projection screen and projector in a space that can be easily viewed by guests. Create a slideshow of pictures from the couple’s past and present. Include pictures of their early days as a couple, their wedding day, children, grandchildren and pets.
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