5 Ways to Celebrate the Lunar New Year

Celebrate the Lunar New Year with family and friends and incorporate traditional Lunar New Year customs into the festivities. Hand out money to the young children, eat delicious food, celebrate with traditional noises, incorporate decorations, and enjoy entertainment.
 Take advantage of these tips for how to celebrate the Lunar New Year:

  • Hand out money: Celebrate the Lunar New Year with gifts for the kids. Prepare red envelopes with even amounts of money inside to give as gifts to the young children. These are known as “Lai See.” Stay away from unlucky numbers, such as four. Decorate the outside of the red envelopes with Chinese symbols.
  • Restaurant: Try out Lunar New Year ideas that make it easier for the host or hostess. Eat delicious food and enjoy a Lunar New year celebration in a restaurant. Make reservations weeks in advance to reserve a spot to celebrate the New Year. Order dishes such as sweet and sour pork, dumplings, and crispy orange beef. Be sure to include jiaozo long noodles on the menu to symbolize a long life.
  • Noise: Celebrate the Lunar New Year with lots of noise. Follow the tradition of setting off fireworks during the Lunar New Year to create noise as a part of the celebration. Scare off the demons and evil spirits and add to the fun and excitement. Set up a fireworks craft for the kids with paper, glue, and glitter, so they can make their own display.
  • Decorations: Celebrate the New Year by decorating your home with traditional decorations. Decorate with colors such as bright red, gold, and orange to symbolize wealth and happiness. Even consider painting a door in your home the color red. Include decorative items such as dragons, lanterns, and even tangerines.
  • Dragon Dance: Get creative with your Lunar New Year party ideas and enjoy a traditional Dragon Dance. See the performers dressed in decorative dragon costumes, and listen to the music created by the drums and chimes.
Incorporate these Lunar New Year party ideas into your celebration and enjoy the special occasion with family and close friends.
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