Adult Halloween Party Themes

Plan a fantastic party and add extra excitement with adult Halloween party themes. Choosing a theme will be incredibly helpful when it’s time to plan the menu, decorations, and costumes. Provide important information and details about the party on a digital Halloween invitation so that guests can plan in advance and coordinate costumes.

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Get inspired by these adult Halloween party ideas:


Plan an adult Halloween party theme with well-known couples as the focus. Encourage guests to dress up as celebrity couples, couples in popular movies, and cartoon character couples. Give examples of costumes to guests such as Barbie and Ken, Johnny and Baby from Dirty Dancing, Sandy and Danny from Grease, Fred and Wilma Flintstone, and Marge and Homer from the Simpsons.

TV Show or Movie

Plan your adult Halloween party around a specific TV show or movie. Pick a series such as Friends, Breaking Bad or Stranger Things, or a movie like Star Wars, Goonies, or The Addams Family. You could also have a Disney Villain theme across multiple movies. Decorate the party with props from the show or movie. Hang posters on the walls and play a segment from the show or movie on your television. Dress up as one of the characters and ask your guests to dress like a character as well.

Wine Party

Plan a classic Halloween party and require that each guest bring a bottle of wine to share with others at the party. Hand wine glasses out to guests at the beginning of the event and as they interact with other guests at the party have them taste test some wine. Be sure to have plenty of bottle openers available!

Explore other ideas for adult Halloween party themes and ask guests for their input. Take a poll and pick the most popular theme!
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