Anniversary Party Themes

Celebrate an upcoming wedding anniversary with an anniversary theme party! There are many terrific wedding anniversary party themes you can use to jazz up the party. Consider the happy couple and what type of anniversary party theme you think they might enjoy.

Creative anniversary party theme ideas include:

  • Decade Party: Bring guests back to the time when they first became husband and wife by throwing a decade party. For example, if the wedding was in 1989, plan an 80’s theme party. On the invitation write, “80’s attire is required.” If you are an 80’s themed lady, tie a ponytail on the side of your head with a neon hair scrunchy. Gather the bottom of one side of your shirt, and tie an elastic around it. Wear spandex pants, tucked into big socks. If you are an 80’s themed gentleman, wear MC Hammer style pants with a bright neon shirt. Bring the wedding picture from 1989 to a bakery, and have them create an edible picture for the anniversary cake! Decorate the border of the cake with neon frosting.
  • Famous Couples: First, research whether or not everyone attending the anniversary party has a significant other.  If so, a wedding anniversary party theme revolving around famous couples is a brilliant way to liven up the party atmosphere. Famous couples include Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt; Bill and Hillary Clinton; Will and Jada Pinkett Smith; and Johnny Castle and “Baby” from Dirty Dancing. Award a prize, such as a restaurant gift card, to the best dressed couple. Create a question and answer game revolving around famous couples. Select one person to facilitate the game. This individual will stand in the front of the room and ask questions such as, “What was Jennifer Gray’s nickname in the movie Dirty Dancing?” Place bells at each table, and choose one person from each table to represent the entire group sitting at the table. The first table that rings the bell will have the opportunity to answer the question. If the question is answered correctly, the team earns a point. If the question is answered incorrectly, put the question back in the pile, and repeat it at a later point in the game.
  • Luau: Break out your Hawaiian skirt, place a lei around your neck, grab a hold of a coconut drink and get ready to celebrate an important anniversary – luau style! Request that all men wear Hawaiian shirts, and all women wear either a Hawaiian themed dress or grass skirt. Upon each guest’s arrival, place a lei around his or her neck. Purchase coconuts, cut the top portion off, dig out the coconut center, and serve drinks in coconuts. Place a Hawaiian drink umbrella in all beverages. Offer belly dancing lessons for a portion of the evening, then give out a prize to the best belly dancer. Another idea is the “Lei Me” game. Create teams of 10 people. Line nine people up, one behind the other. Have one person stand about 10 feet away from the first person in the line. Repeat this with all the teams. Make sure everyone in the game is wearing a lei. Once the game begins, the object is for the first person in line to run to his or her teammate (the one who is 10 feet away), and place the lei around his or her neck. The person who places the lei will then run back and tag the second person in line.  The second person in line will then run to place his or her lei on the teammate who is 10 feet away.  The team who places all of their leis on their teammate the fastest wins the game!  

Other ideas for anniversary themes include focusing on the anniversary type (ie Silver, Golden, etc.) and work that into the theme. You can also build an anniversary party theme around the couple's honeymoon destination. Think of all the memories that will come rushing back - especially if the couple has not returned to their honeymoon destination since the wedding!

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