Batter Up! Plan a Baseball Themed Birthday Party

A baseball themed birthday party is a terrific way to celebrate the baseball fan in your family. Baseball birthday parties are fun and dynamic, plus there are so many fantastic ways to incorporate the theme into the party!

Even though baseball is an outdoor sport, you can throw a baseball birthday party all year round—just use a little imagination! Here are a few baseball birthday party ideas to get you started:
  • Invitations: Baseball birthday invitations should be playful and baseball-themed. The design can incorporate different baseball items, such as bats and gloves. Another option is use colors that match the logo or colors of the birthday girl or boy’s favorite team. A fun idea is to use font that looks like the font they use on scoreboards at baseball parks. On the invitation, make sure to include all of the essential information (date, time, location, etc.). You should also specify if there’s anything you’d like guests to bring. For example, if you plan to play a game of baseball, advise people to bring their gloves (if they own any).
  • Menu: Food and drink for the party should be classic ballpark food. This means hot dogs, pretzels, nachos, cotton candy—you name it! Make sure to have plenty of ketchup and mustard handy for these salty snacks! For drinks, serve water, soda and sports drinks. A baseball birthday cake is also a fun idea for your party. There are many kinds of cakes you can order or make yourself. If you want to stick with something traditional, try a sheet cake decorated with the birthday girl or boy’s favorite team. If you want to get a little fancier, decorate the cake like a scoreboard or baseball diamond. You could even try ordering a cake in the shape of a baseball, hat, glove, bat, etc. Another option is to skip the cake altogether and just go for cupcakes with frosted “baseballs” on the top.
  • Activities: There are many baseball-themed activities that you can try at a baseball party. The obvious (and fun!) idea is to play a game of baseball, wiffle ball or even a game of catch. If you want to do something indoors (or if the weather is uncooperative), organize a jersey-decorating party. You can buy plain white t-shirts or jerseys and have guests decorate them! Leave fabric markers, glue, etc. on a table so they can personalize their jerseys. They can even create their own teams, nicknames and numbers! After these activities (while everyone eats), show a baseball-themed movie, like Rookie of the Year, The Sandlot, or Angels in the Outfield.
  • Favors: As party favors, hand out baseballs, plastic bats or even goody bags filled with sports drinks and chocolate baseballs. You can also give boxes of Cracker Jacks or small packs of baseball cards. These baseball favors are classic!
These ideas will help you get started in the right direction. However, another option for a baseball birthday party is to take a group of kids to see a minor league game. Typically, tickets for minor league games are relatively affordable for a group and you’ll be able to get great seats!
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