Cats, Bats and Crows: Black is the New Black for Halloween

When it comes to party decorations for your monster bash, black is the new black for Halloween. Black is a great foundation for whimsical décor and makes for chilling digital invitations. Consider hosting a black-themed Halloween celebration with all-black party decorations. A black-inspired décor will help you transform your party space into an eerie celebration with black cats, bats, and crows.  
Here are a few black party decoration ideas to help get you started:
Outdoor Spooky Halloween Decorations:

  • Make old brooms from large sticks with branches tied on the ends with black cords. Prop them by the front door with a sign that says, “Witch Parking—All Others Will be Toad.”
  • Create your own cemetery in the front yard with Styrofoam tombstones. Spray paint the tombstones with silver paint and customize each with different phrases such as, “RIP” or a name of a party guest. Don’t forget to cover them in Spanish moss and use a fogger machine to create an extra scary look.
  • Make a black Halloween tree out of metal wire to display either inside or outside. This will create the look of a dead old tree that you see in horror movies. Make the tree extra creepy by adding fake spider webs and plastic spiders.
Black Cat Halloween Decorations: Black cats are an iconic symbol of Halloween and make perfect black party decorations for a haunted celebration. Make your own black cats out of paper mache and black paint. Display them is unlikely places like under a stairwell or in behind a door to give your guests a scare.
Black Halloween Bat Decorations: The ultimate black decoration for a black-themed Halloween event are bats. They are a symbol of all things Halloween, which makes them a necessary addition to your Halloween party. Either make or buy fake black bats and hang them from the ceiling (upside down) using twine. Hang them at varying lengths to make it look like a bat cave.
Black Crow Decorations: Like black cats and black bats, black crow décor is necessary for creating a spooky haunted party space for your Halloween bash. Place crows at entranceways, outside, on a black Halloween tree, and on centerpieces. This added touch is a subtle but spooky way to infuse black into your party decorations.
Eerie Black Ambiance: To complete your black décor, use black candles in old candelabras to create a haunted house ambiance. Create large witch silhouettes in your window with black paper. Don’t worry about creating the perfect outline, rough edges will add to the terrifying effect.
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