Creative Leaf Crafts

Get creative and decorate for fall with beautiful leaf crafts. Recruit the little kids to go on a scavenger hunt and search for big, medium, and small leaves to use for kids crafts for fall. As you plan crafts with leaves, picture the stunning orange and red colors of fall and envision the beauty of the leaf craft.

Creative Leaf Crafts

Here are some leaf crafts for kids:

  • Leaf imprint: Make beautiful leaf imprints with three simple tools—leaves, crayons, and white paper. Find a clean, flat surface and arrange a variety of leaves, vein side up. Place a piece of white paper over the leaves. Peel the wrappers off the crayons and rub the sides of the crayons over the leaves to create beautiful leaf imprints.
  • Leaf stamps: Create colorful leaf stamps to decorate your home. Cover a table with newspaper or other protective covering to prevent a large mess. Pour different colors of paint into small cups and provide paint brushes. Dip your paintbrush into the paint and cover the veiny side of a leaf with paint from the cups. Press the leaf on a piece of paper to create a leaf stamp.
  • Leaf collage: Make a festive leaf collage with a few simple items. Gather a piece of paper, some glue, leaves, and other outdoor fall symbols such as pine cones. Use glue to stick the leaves and other decorations onto a piece of paper and create a beautiful fall collage. Add glitter for a finishing touch.

Once dry, hang your crafts with leaves on the refrigerator or a window for all to appreciate and enjoy.

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