DIY Bridal Shower Decorations

DIY bridal shower decorations can set the scene for a terrific party with a personal touch. With a little planning and a few helpful ideas to get you started, you can stay within a budget, express your creativity, and have fun in the process! Focus your efforts on the areas that are going to have the most impact on the overall effect, such as do-it-yourself flower arrangements, table settings, and slide shows.

Here are a few tips for do-it-yourself bridal shower decorations to help you create a homemade and heartfelt setting for your celebration:

  • Flower Arrangements: Create do-it-yourself flower arrangements for the table centerpieces. Purchase your supplies in advance but make the flower arrangements as close to the event as possible. Keep them refrigerated so the flowers remain fresh. You can purchase decorative flower vases from your local craft store, and flowers from a local florist. Choose the style of the vase and the types of flowers based on the preferences of the bride, her personal style, and the season of the shower. Conservative brides will appreciate traditional, low-key flower arrangements in classic cylinder vases. Traditional flowers include roses and tulips. For a more unique bride, add flair to your arrangements with exotic orchids and unusual accents. Consider square vases for a modern and contemporary event, bud vases for arrangements of one to three flowers, and Eiffel Tower vases for a dramatic arrangement with lots of volume.

DIY Bridal Shower Decorations

  • Table Setting: Decorate each place setting with DIY wedding shower decorations such as menus, flowers, and favors. Purchase card stock paper from your local arts and crafts store and print menu items from your home computer. Make the menus look professional with a sophisticated and decorative font. Select the color of card stock paper based on the color theme of the shower. Use a hole punch to create two holes at the top of the menu. Tie a piece of ribbon through the two holes and make a bow. Place the menu on top of the appetizer plate on the place setting. Select flowers at your local florist, tie a ribbon around each one, and lay a single flower at each place setting. Finally, create bridal shower favors to place on the table alongside the menus and flowers. Purchase small white bags, clear gems that resemble diamonds, and either gold or silver decorative rope to create an engagement ring design on the front of the bag. Glue the gem on the bag, and glue the gold or silver rope in a circular shape connected to the gem. Fill the favor bags with candy and colorful tissue paper.
  • Slide Show: Gather photos of the bride and groom and scan them into your computer or upload them from a camera. Use editing tools to make them picture perfect! Insert the pictures into a slide show on your computer. Add captions such as, “Mandy and Ryan’s Vacation in Mexico,” and “He Asked and She Said Yes!,” etc. Burn the slide show onto a DVD. Set up a large screen TV at the shower and play the slide show throughout the entire party.
For an extra special touch, set up the room before the bride arrives. Surprise her with your homemade bridal shower decorations, tailored to her tastes and personal style!
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