Engagement Party Ideas

Engagement parties are a great way to introduce the families of the newly engaged couple. Appropriate timing to host an engagement party is 2–4 months after the proposal. The bride’s family, the groom’s family, the engaged couple, or some combination often host the engagement party.

There is an assortment of engagement party ideas to consider when planning an event to honor and celebrate the future Mr. and Mrs. First and foremost, plan the party around their preferences. Plan a formal party for the conservative couple. Organize a BBQ for the “outdoorsy” couple.  Arrange a theme party for the couple that thinks outside the box.

Here are some terrific ideas for engagement parties to ignite your party planning:

  • Formal Party: A function room in a restaurant or hotel is suitable for a formal engagement party. Select three or four dishes off of the main menu to create a separate list of dinner or lunch options for the engagement party guests. A variety, such as chicken, meat, fish and a vegetarian option are fine choices. Print personalized engagement party menus, and place them at each table setting. Be sure to include the names of the future bride and groom, along with their wedding date, at the top of the menu. Almond candies in mesh pouches can also be dispersed to guests. Flowers in a vase, surrounded by votive candles make for a lovely centerpiece.
  • Informal Party: A BBQ is a great option for an informal engagement party. The budget will be kept to a minimum, and guests attending the party will likely offer to bring a dish. Decorate the tables outside with balloons and streamers. Cook hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken and sausage on the grill. Toast the buns and add American cheese, when requested. Roll ears of corn in aluminum foil, and cook them on the grill as well. Macaroni salad, potato salad, chips/veggies and dip and coleslaw make delicious side dishes. Pink or yellow lemonade, soda, water, beer and wine coolers will refresh your guests, and keep them hydrated while under the hot summer sun! Put beverages in cans and bottles in a large plastic tub filled with ice.  Have plenty of lounge chairs outside. Set up games such as ring toss, bocce and badminton.
  • Theme Party: A theme party, such as a “masquerade ball” will help to entertain guests, and incorporate a modern twist to the engagement party. Tailor the atmosphere so that it is either formal or informal. Hold the party at a house for an informal feel. Book a function hall or ballroom for a more formal ambiance. On the engagement party invitation write, “Wear a mask to the ball, so that you will be disguised in front of all.” The bride should wear a white costume with a white mask and the groom should dress in black attire with a black mask. Hand out a prize for the best masquerade ball costume.
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