Fabulous Halloween Couples Costumes

Dressing up for Halloween is a great way to unleash your creativity and choose something really original. You can get even more creative when you dress up with a friend or significant other in couples costumes! A cliché Halloween costume can be turned into something original when it’s paired with another costume. Check out our great selection of couples costumes to find your perfect pair this year! To get your creativity flowing we’ve pulled together these couples costume ideas and tips for you:

Halloween couples costumes ideas

  • Browse by Theme: You don’t have to know exactly what you want in order to find the perfect couples Halloween costume. Punchbowl has a huge variety of couples costumes organized by theme so you can browse all your favorite TV show couples or superhero couples. This way you and your partner can choose what theme you want to go with and then choose the costumes that both of you like the looks of! You can even mix and match. If one of you wants to go with a sassy costume while the other would rather sport the more classic version.
  • Turn Any Costume Into a Couples Costume: You don’t necessarily need to dress like a TV or movie couple to have a perfect couples costume. You can turn any costume into a his and her Halloween costume by simply buying one female costume and one male costume. For example, you can both be sailors with a Sailor Guy and Sailor Gal costume, or pair up as a pirate and a tavern maid.
  • Choose Your Favorite Genre: This works especially well if you and your partner are the same gender. Agree on a common theme like storybook characters or Disney princesses and then choose your favorite costume in that category. You can dress up like Cinderella and she can be Belle! You can even include more people and have a group of all the Disney Princesses!
  • Don’t Forget Accessories: Once you’ve chosen your couples costumes, don’t forget your costume accessories! Swords, wigs, and tiaras can make or break a costume so choose wisely and accessorize your costume. Makeup is important too! Bonus: Zombie couples costumes can share their ghastly, ghoulish makeup!

A great thing about couples costumes is that they look great on their own or together. So make sure you get some pictures of the couple’s costumes together but also know that your Halloween costume will look great on its own too!

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