Fall Football Party

The beginning of fall means that football season is not far away, and football season means plenty of fall football parties! Start the friendly pre-game chatter and excite everyone about the big game with a football party.

Whether you root for your child’s Pop Warner team, your college alma mater, or the professional team in your region, these football party ideas will get you on the right start:

  • Invitations: Browse Punchbowl’s football themed online invitations to get things moving for your football party. Select a football related invitation and include information such as the name of the event, date, time and location. Take advantage of Punchbowl’s potluck feature to invite guests to bring a dish of their choice to the football party.
  • Decorations: Many people base the decorations for their fall football parties on their favorite team. Decide whether to decorate with generic football decorations or with colors, mascots and logos to represent the team of your choice. Either way, you should include decorative elements to enhance the environment at your party. Use decorations such as football-shaped plates, football napkins and football themed cups. Purchase an inflatable goal post with a blow up bucket at the bottom to hold cold drinks. Purchase football-shaped, mylar balloons and surround them with latex balloons that represent the colors of your favorite football team.
  • Food: Take advantage of fall football parties to indulge in delicious food. Serve traditional football party food such as chicken wings with ranch or blue cheese dressing, pizza, chips and dip and deviled eggs. Refill bowls of pretzels, chips and cheese balls throughout the party to continue to satisfy your guests. Peanuts are another game time favorite, just be sure that none of your guests is allergic to them!

Tailgate football party ideas

Fall Football Party

  • Games: Plan fun football party games to entertain your guests. Plan a simple “Toss the Football” game to see who can toss the football the furthest. For another football party game, hold up hula hoops, and see who can throw the football through the most hula hoops. Award prizes to the winners of the games.
  • Favors: Bake delicious sugar cookies in the shape of a football for football party favors. Once the sugar cookies cool, decorate them with brown frosting, and use a decorative frosting tip and white frosting to create the lacing. Place the cookies in cellophane bags, and tie ribbon around the top in the colors that represent your favorite team.

Enjoy these fall football party suggestions. Root for your team, but remember that some of your friends will support different teams!

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