Five Ideas for a Dinosaur Birthday Party

Dinosaurs are truly fascinating creatures. Despite being prehistoric, we've been able to learn a great deal about dinosaurs which is often taught in elementary school. It's no wonder your child keeps asking for a dinosaur birthday party. Check out these five ideas as well as another post with dinosaur party ideas.

  • Lava Tug of War: Kick off the dinosaur party with a game of hot lava tug of war. This themed version of the traditional game pits two teams against each other as they struggle not to get pulled into the "lava." You can use spray paint on the lawn for to create the lava line. The spray paint will eventually rinse away after the party.
  • Make Fossils: Have the kids play paleontologist. Instead of looking for fossils, however, show them how to make fossils. Use clay and have the kids make an imprint in the clay (with leaves, sticks, shells, etc). Once they've made the imprint, let it dry. When it dries, rub on a bit shoe polish and acrylic sealer for the kids to take home as party favors.
  • Dinosaur Puppets: Use brown bags, pipe cleaner and construction paper to have the kids make dinosaur puppets. Never underestimate a child's imagination so give them the tools to make a fearless triceratops or a friendly stegosaurous. To help the kids figure out what type of dinosaur to make, have a few dinosaur books or posters available for them to check out.
  • Don't Drop the Dinosaur Egg: "Don't Drop the Dinosaur Egg" is a game in which there are two teams and each team needs to complete a relay back and forth carrying an egg on a spoon. True dinosaur eggs are slightly larger than the average egg, but use what you've got. You can award little prizes to the teams - but try to give something to everyone to keep things fun and fair.
  • Dinosaur Cookies: Instead of a cake, try dinosaur shaped cookies! Using cookie cutters and different colored frosting, you can get the birthday boy or girl to help make these special treats for his or her guests. If you're set on making a cake, make the dinosaur cookies the night before and give them out as favors!


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