Five Themes for Halloween Costume Parties

Planning a Halloween bash? You might be wondering if you need a theme for your Halloween party. You don't absolutely need one, but it can definitely make your party a little more interesting to have one. Halloween costume parties are the best types of themed celebrations to host, because they encourage guests to get into the holiday spirit with costumes, props, and more.

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Whatever Halloween party theme you choose, make sure to communicate it to guests so they can find appropriate costumes. The perfect way to let guests know about your Halloween costume party theme is on your Halloween costume party invitations. Find your favorite invitation, customize it with important event details, and send it to guests via text or email in minutes.

Here are five Halloween costume party ideas that will make your spooky soiree memorable:

  • Angels & Demons: Embrace classic Halloween characters with a fun angels and demons Halloween costume party theme. Divide your party space into two distinct zones: heaven and hell. Carry the two themes through your decorations, food, lighting, and music in each area. 

  • Haunted Howl-o-ween: Creatures of the Night: Decorations and costumes such as werewolves, vampires, etc. work well with this theme. Make sure you have extra costume accessories such as fake blood, wigs, and capes available in case someone forgets a finishing touch. Make your party food just as spooky by labeling dishes with Halloween inspired names such as: eyeballs, guts, and witches brew.

  • Monster Mashed Halloween Bash: Turn your favorite Halloween costumes (cowboy, cheerleader, nurse, etc.) into a monster-fied version of themselves. This means adding fangs, fur, blood, and any other frightful touches you can think of to make a scary version of a traditional costume. 

  • Fright Night Flashback, 80s Style: Make your Halloween party an 80s decade-themed costume party. 20s, 40s, 70s are other fun decades you can try. Incorporate food, music, and decorations that help guests feel like they're in that decade. 80s is fun because you can use lots of neon, black lights, and animal prints!

  • "You're Famous" Halloween Party: Have guests dress up like celebrities, alive or dead. Make the décor of your party space look like old Hollywood glam with Hollywood stars, director’s chairs, and cut reels. Serve champagne in vintage champagne flutes and have a buffet with lots of fancy finger foods.

Once you've selected a Halloween party theme idea, make sure you explain to guests what types of costumes you'd like to see represented at the party. If guests have questions, be prepared with some helpful suggestions!
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