Go Green This Thanksgiving!

 Go green this year and plan an eco-friendly Thanksgiving. Follow these tips for great ideas about how to help the environment and save energy, water and more!

 Green Thanksgiving tips:
  • Send online Thanksgiving invitations you can email or text to guests.  
  • Turn your computers and monitors completely off. Forget about the “sleep” option on your computers and turn off the “power devourer.”
  •  Switch your heat off or set it to a much lower temperature. Generate heat in the house with the body heat from all of your family members, a fire in the fireplace, a wood stove, or the heat from cooking your Thanksgiving meal.
  •  Shut the windows tightly to ensure that heat does not escape in a drafty house.
  •  Use candles instead of lights.
  •  Ask guests to carpool to the Thanksgiving event.
  •  Serve guests on recycled paper plates and save water used for washing or running the dishwasher. Recycle the paper plates at your local recycling center after the meal. Alternatively, serve guests on china or ceramic plates. Wash them in a dishwasher crammed to the max and save water that's usually wasted on multiple unnecessary loads.
  •  Be eco-conscious and serve only organic fruits and vegetables. Stop by your local farmers market to pick up your produce.
  •  Keep all leftovers and share with family members. Plan on making extras and deliver to your local food bank for the less fortunate.
  •  Spend quality time with your family outside on a nice walk rather than inside in front of the television.
  •  Recycle all beverage bottles and containers after Thanksgiving.
 Ensure a fun and green Thanksgiving with these simple, environmentally-conscious steps!
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