Halloween Party Favors

Halloween party favors are fantastic ways to top off any Halloween party. These small gifts will show your guests how much you appreciate their attendance. They will also help make the memories last for years to come.

Party favors for Halloween can come in a variety of forms, depending on how much time you want to dedicate to them and how long you want them to last. For Halloween party favor ideas, look at the suggestions below:

Halloween Party Favors for Kids
  • Candy bags: Fill Halloween-decorated plastic bags full of creepy candy, such as gummy worms, candy corn, or small chocolates. These kinds of bags are available at party stores.

Halloween Party Favors

  • Vampire’s teeth: These are fun Halloween accessories that also make instant costumes! You can find them at any Halloween party supply store. Hand them out and maybe the kids will get inspired to create an entire vampire costume!
  • Face paint: Face paint is another fun idea to give at a Halloween party. Assemble different kinds of Halloween face paint like witchy green, pumpkin orange or blood red. Feel free to add other Halloween body art, such as temporary tattoos or stick-on earrings. Kids are sure to love these fun Halloween disguises!
  • Halloween stickers: Stickers are always a kids’ favorite. They love to collect and trade them! This year, hand out Halloween stickers as kids’ party favors. Find a good variety of different shapes, sizes and characters. Then, stuff bags with these silly stickers.

Homemade Halloween Party Favors
  • Paper trick-or-treat bags: Create personalized trick-or-treat bags out of paper bags for each guest. Make sure each guest has one! You can use markers, glitter and construction paper to decorate the paper bags with different Halloween designs. Then, either write their names on them or allow them to choose which one they like best and then personalize it!
  • CD of Halloween music and sound effects: Make a Halloween CD with a playlist of fun Halloween songs and sound effects. Need suggestions? Look at these ideas for a Halloween playlist.
  • Recipe books: If you served fun Halloween party food during your party, you can make festive Halloween recipe books that describe how to make all the food and drink served. To create beautiful booklets, just print out the recipes and use construction paper (or something slightly thicker) on the top and bottom. Then, punch holes in the sides and bind them together with ribbon, yarn or pipe cleaners.
  • Halloween cups: Buy a bunch of orange, black or clear cups and decorate them for the party! You can use paint and glue to create fun Halloween designs on the cups and even personalize them with guests’ names. During the party, hand these cups out for the guests’ refreshments. Afterward, everyone can take their cup home!
  • Candy-filled paper cone: We love this idea for a DIY Halloween party favor! Here's how you can make your own in a few easy steps:
  1. Find a piece of patterned scrapbook paper to use as your cone. Trace a circle onto the back of the paper (a small dish works well for this).
  2. Next, cut out the circle. Also cut a small triangle wedge out of the circle – no larger than about 1/5 of the circle. How narrow or wide you make this cut will determine the shape of your cone!
  3. Bring the two cut sides together to begin forming your cone. Once you have the shape you’d like, attach them with clear tape.
  4. Then all you need to do is add any additional decorations and fill with your favorite candy! If you want them to be a bit fancier, cut a scalloped edge around your circle before you start forming the cone. 

Halloween Party Favors - Candy Filled Paper Cone

Adult Halloween Party Favors
  • Frames: Find frames with Halloween designs on them at your local party store. Frames are practical and the Halloween designs will add a little something to an otherwise ordinary frame. Encourage your guests to fill the frame with a picture of their families all dressed up!
  • Halloween candles: Give out individual Halloween-decorated candle holders with candles in them. A fun way to do this is to use groups of these candle holders as centerpieces and then simply allow guests to take them home at the end of the night. Just make sure they blow them out first!
  • Photo albums: A great way to remember the party is to create an online photo album that you email out to each guest after the party. Adults will certainly appreciate these kinds of favors. After all, who doesn’t love pictures?
  • Mini pumpkins for carving: Create your own little pumpkin patch full of mini pumpkins. At the end, allow each guest to take one home so that they can carve it themselves! You can even attach a list of suggestions for spooky designs.

Halloween Party Favors

Here are a few ideas to get your creative party favor juices flowing! Feel free to give whatever you like, as guests will already be thankful enough just to be at the party. Happy Halloween!
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