Honeymoon Shower

Bring a tropical or exotic destination right to the happy couple by planning a honeymoon shower instead of the traditional bridal shower! Discuss the idea with the bride-to-be in advance of the honeymoon bridal shower to find out where she and her soon-to-be hubby plan to go on their honeymoon. Plan the details of the shower around the honeymoon destination! In some cases, the happy couple will have already created a honeymoon gift registry, and you can include the details in your shower invitations!
 Honeymoon shower ideas include:

  • Invitations: Excite guests about the upcoming honeymoon theme bridal shower by selecting honeymoon bridal shower invitations that will make them wish they were invited on the honeymoon! For example, if the destination is on an island, select a tropical-themed invitation. Choose from Punchbowl's large selection of shower invitations and customize the design and message! Consider invitation wording such as, "Hawaii is the place Dan and Michelle will honeymoon / The getaway of their dreams is approaching soon! / Join us for a honeymoon shower and have some fun / The joyous festivities have only just begun!" Be sure to include the event's name, date, time, and location.
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  • Decorations: Decorate the room to reflect the honeymoon destination. For example, if the couple will be flying to a tropical island, set up palm tree decorations in the corners of the room. You can even decorate the guests by showering them in leis and by putting flowers in their hair! Use long dried grass as the table skirts. If you have difficulty finding table skirts, purchase hula skirts and attach several together to create one large table skirt.

  • Gifts: There are many honeymoon shower gift ideas that will leave the bride-to-be smiling in anticipation of the getaway with her new hubby. One decadent idea is a set of his and her personalized bathrobes. The couple can sport their brand-new plush robes on the honeymoon of their dreams! Surprise the future bride and groom by filling the bathrobe pockets with gift cards to spas and restaurants located at their honeymoon destination.
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There's nothing better than creating excitement around the honeymoon during the wedding festivities. Even if the couple isn't going away to celebrate, throw them a honeymoon shower anyway so they have a chance to relax and have fun.
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