How to Choose a Flower Bouquet

Valentine's Day is the most popular occasion for sending or giving flowers. There are many services that allow you to order premade bouquets. However, creating a personal bouquet is a nice touch, especially if you know the recipeint will really appreciate the effort. Here are some tips and ideas for choosing a beautiful flower bouquet based on a number of important factors and considerations:

How to Choose a Flower Bouquet

  • Recipient Likes and Dislikes:  If you've ever sent your recipeint flowers in the past, you may know that he or she has certain flowers that he or she likes or dislikes. Try to work these into your arrangement as your starting point. Also, take note of colors that he or she likes. Some people, for example, aren't keen on red roses because they're not original. It's okay to send a Valentine's Day bouquet that doesn't even include red roses.
  • Where to Get the Flowers: Something else to think about when making a personalized flower bouquet is where you want to get your flowers. If you are choosing a local florist, find one that is reliable and has great recommendations. Another option is to go to your local grocery store. They often have fresh flowers. Wherever you decide to get your flowers, be sure to plan ahead since Valentine's Day is the busiest time of year for flowers.
  • Plan the Arrangement: If you tell the florist what types of flowers you wish to have in the arrangement as your starting point (types of flowers or colors); they will be able to help you create a beautiful and unique bouquet. Also, determine if you want to create your bouquet in a vase, basket, or loose so your recipient can use their own vase.
  • Cut the Flowers: If you plan to take the flowers to make your own arrangement at home, always remember to cut the flowers on an angle and remove any leaves off the stems that will be below the water line. For a smaller bouquet, cut the flower stems about 5-8 inches long depending on the size of the vase. For a larger bouquet, cut the flower stems at different lengths to create a balanced arrangement.
  • Arrange the Flowers: Start with the larger petal flowers and begin to place them in your vase. Add in the other blooming flowers, keeping an even space between the flowers. You can also add texture to the arrangement with baby’s breath or green foliage. Arranging a beautiful flower bouquet will allow you to get in touch with your creative side.

With all of the thought and effort put into making a personalized Valentine's Day bouquet, you can't go wrong!

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