How to Host a Lunar New Year Party

Host a Lunar New Year party to celebrate with all of your closest family and friends. Incorporate the Lunar New Year party theme in the invitations, decorations, menu, favors, and music. Be sure to include Lunar New Year traditions into the party as well.
 Take advantage of these Chinese New Year party ideas:
  •  Clean your home before the start of the Chinese New Year to sweep away bad luck from the current year.
  •  Ask guests to remove their shoes at the door to encourage a smooth transition into the New Year.
  •  Email Lunar New Year party invitations that display the color red in either the background color or font color.
  •  Decorate your home with Lunar New Year party decorations. Hang red lanterns with gold accents. Place figurines of dragons in the middle of each table for the centerpieces.
  •  Plan the Lunar New Year party menu to include traditional foods such as dumplings, mandarin orange pancakes, and crispy orange beef. Serve oranges and tangerines as part of the dessert menu. Serve beverages such as Chinese style beer, wine, and tea.
  •  Hand out Lunar New Year party favors at the conclusion of the party, such as red gift bags with Chinese coins or red envelopes with money (known as Lai See).
  •  Set the ambiance for the celebration with Lunar New Year party music. Select from instrumental, ethnic, opera, folk, western, or pop music.
  •  Incorporate oranges and tangerines, which represent wealth, luck, and happiness, into the Lunar New Year party as much as possible.
 Have fun celebrating with family and friends, and send best wishes to all of your guests for good luck and wealth for the new year!
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