How to Make a Halloween Coffin

Get in the spirit of Halloween and learn how to make a Halloween coffin! A Halloween coffin prop can be a fabulous addition to a haunted house motif for a party or for the trick-or-treaters.

Here are some instructions on how to build a Halloween coffin:

  1. Visit your local hardware store and purchase two 4x8 sheets of ½" foam board, duct tape, and gray and black paint for your homemade Halloween coffin.
  2. Create a template for your coffin on large sheets of paper. Tape multiple pieces of paper together or use the backside of wrapping paper or newspaper.
  3. Cut out the paper template and use it to cut out all the components for the coffin.
  4. Tape the pieces of the coffin together with duct tape.
  5. Use a wood file to create a wood grain texture on the cover of the coffin. Make the lines uneven and jagged for a natural wood look.
  6. Paint the coffin cover with flat black latex paint. Once dry, use a sponge to add some accents of gray paint.
  7. Repeat the same wood grain and paint process on the sides of the coffin.
  8. Paint the inside of the coffin with black paint.
  9. Add the finishing touches to your coffin with Halloween coffin decorations based on the theme of your party or Halloween scene.

Enjoy your coffin craft project! Remember that you can create multiple Halloween coffins and set them out in your yard for a gruesome graveyard effect. Hide fake corpses inside for a spooky surprise!

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