Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

 Halloween can sneak up on even the most prepared people. If you have been too busy to think of an awesome Halloween costume, don't stress. Here are a few quick and easy last-minute Halloween costume ideas that can be made at home for trick-or-treaters of any age!
  • Cat or Dog Costume: A great last minute Halloween costume for kids is to dress up like a pet! Here are step-by-step instructions to make a bark-a-licious transformation:
  •  Dress in a solid color from head to toe - black or brown are easiest.
  •  Create pet ears with an old headband. Cover it with felt that matches the color of the outfit and cut out ears. Attach them to the headband using fabric glue.
  •  Fill a solid color sock with tissue paper and pin it to the back of the shirt or pants with a safety pin for a tail.
  •  As the final touch, use black face paint to create whiskers and a black nose.
  • A Fruity Costume: Dress up as a bundle of grapes or or raspberries for a wacky Halloween costume that can be created with very few materials and makes for a funny last minute Halloween costumes for adults: 
    •  Inflate 10-12 (the amount will vary based on the size of the person) purple, green or red balloons (depending on what color grape or fruit you want to be).
    •  Dress in something comfortable, all in one solid color that matches the balloons.
    •  Attach the balloons to the shirt using safety pins (it's easier to do this with the shirt on, so make sure you use two people to attach the balloons!).
    •  For the final touch, wear a green hat and attach green leaves to the top to make it look like a stem.
  • Blood-Sucking Vampire: A vampire is a traditional and very popular Halloween costume - make the transformation yourself or as a last minute Halloween costume for teens: 
    •  Wear all black and white gloves.
    •  Slick your hair back with gel or water.
    •  Cover all exposed skin with white face paint or make-up powder so it's pale and ghostly. Use red face paint to create the illusion of blood dripping from the mouth.
    •  Insert fake vampire fangs to complete the vampire look.
 Last minute Halloween costumes for women and men can be as simple as a little face paint and balloons. So, alleviate the stress of deciding what costume to wear for Halloween and create a fantastic DIY costume with things you can find in your own home!
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