Lunar New Year Gifts

Looking for ideas for great Lunar New Year gifts? Celebrate the beginning of a new year in the Chinese calendar with thoughtful presents for your family and friends. Rejoice, and celebrate the “Spring Festival.” Offer fortune cookies, pieces of jade, bamboo, Lai See, and delicious food for traditional Chinese New Year gifts.
 Get inspired by these Lunar New year gift ideas:

  • Fortune Cookies: Give silver fortune cookies as gifts for the Lunar New Year. Have the fortune cookies engraved with the recipient’s initials. Place a special fortune inside for the New Year.
  • Jade Pendant or Bracelet: Give a beautiful piece of jade as a Lunar New Year gift. This gift for Lunar New Year symbolizes beauty and power. Give jade in the form of a pendant or bracelet.
  • Bamboo: Give a bamboo plant for the Lunar New Year as a symbol of luck. Give a braided bamboo plant or a spiral piece of bamboo. Place single pieces of bamboo in a glass vase, and fill the bottom with marbles or decorative rocks to hold the bamboo in place.
  • Lai See: Give red and gold envelopes with money inside for the Lunar New Year. Be sure the envelopes are red and gold to signify prosperity and good luck. The envelopes are traditionally given from a senior to a junior recipient.
  • Food or Sweets: Give food or sweets as gifts for the Lunar New Year. Give oranges, cakes, or sweet and delicious chocolates. Avoid pears! (In Chinese culture they symbolize separation and even death.)
Consider these gifts for the Lunar New Year, and impress your family and friends with your thoughtfulness. Adorn your home with beautiful paper lanterns to create a festive atmosphere for present-opening!
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