No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating

Have fun without the mess and plan a no-carve pumpkin decorating party! Organize an activity for decorating pumpkins without carving that’s safe and fun for all ages. Once you remove carving knives from the activity, it makes pumpkin decorating something the whole family can enjoy together.
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To start, send online Halloween invitations to share important event details with your guests. Customize your favorite pumpkin decorating party invitation, send by text or email, and collect RSVPs in minutes.
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No-carve pumpkin decorating ideas range from painting to decorating with ribbons and other accents. Find out how with these no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas: 


Go all out with elaborate paint designs on your pumpkin. Use painters tape to cut out shapes like circles, triangles, squiggly lines, half-moons, ghosts and witches hats. Create a Halloween design or a scene like a half moon with shooting stars. Stick the shapes on to the pumpkin and take extra care to press down the edges of the tape. Cover the entire pumpkin in paint. Once dry, remove the tape from the pumpkin and you'll see the outline of the shapes!

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Washi Tape

Use festive Washi tape for a fun and easy way for little hands to decorate pumpkins. Purchase a variety of colors and designs at your local arts and crafts store and let kids adorn their pumpkins with their favorite colors or patterns. Cover the entire pumpkin or make a silly or spooky face!

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Permanent Markers

Purchase colorful permanent markers to create a face on the pumpkin. Draw triangles or half-moons for the eyes, a triangle for the nose and a toothless mouth. Add hair, a bowtie, hat, or spiderwebs for a bit of something extra.

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Mummy Pumpkin

Have kids place sticky googly eyes on their pumpkins and then use duct tape, toilet paper, gauze, or medical tape to wrap that mummy up!
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While everyone is decorating their pumpkins, play Halloween songs in the background. For food, serve your guests yummy Halloween appetizers, Halloween punch, and Halloween cupcakes for a sweet way to end the celebration. No matter how everyone's pumpkins turn out, your guests are sure to have fun and get into the Halloween spirit!
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