Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower

If you want to create a whimsical celebration for the mom-to-be, plan a nursery rhyme baby shower! Pick one nursery rhyme as the theme for the entire nursery rhyme shower, or pick a few different nursery rhymes as themes for multiple tables. Popular nursery rhymes to consider are Pat-a Cake Pat-a-Cake, Hey Diddle Diddle, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Jack and Jill went up the Hill, Mary had a Little Lamb and There was an Old Woman.

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 If you're interested in making one nursery rhyme the focus of the nursery rhyme shower, consider choosing Itsy Bitsy Spider. There are so many wonderful ways to incorporate this theme into your decorations, games, favors, and more. Here are some specific ideas for how to create a magical Itsy Bitsy Spider shower.

  • Invitations: Find beautiful nursery rhyme baby shower invitations that you can send to your guests to invite them to the shower. The key to the invitations is to make them cute and darling, not creepy and frightening. Picture a tiny spider dangling from a dewey leaf. Use language such as "You're invited to Chrissy's Itsy Bitsy Spider Shower!" to let guests know the theme. Include all of the important details such as date, time, hostname, etc. Also, make sure to include where the mom-to-be is registered. This will help guests figure out what to buy as gifts.
  • Decorations: To create nursery rhyme baby shower decorations with an Itsy Bitsy Spider theme, visit your local arts and crafts store to buy the necessary supplies. Purchase large and small styrofoam balls, black pipe cleaners, black paint, googly eyes, either pink or blue ribbon, foam board, yellow paint, and yellow glitter. Paint the styrofoam balls black, and insert the black pipe cleaners for the legs. Glue on googly eyes, and make either a hair bow or bow tie out of the pink and blue ribbon. Place several spiders of different sizes on each table as a nursery rhyme decoration and centerpiece. Cut out the foam board in a circle, paint it yellow, and add glitter for the sun.
  • Game: Plan a delightful nursery rhyme baby shower game for guests to play during the shower. An appropriate game for a nursery rhyme shower theme revolves around guessing lyrics. Select five nursery rhymes and type all of the nursery rhyme lyrics onto a piece of paper. Review the rhymes and remove one line from each one. Replace it with a blank line. Print as many copies of the lyrics as there are tables. Pass out a sheet of paper to each table and have guests guess the lyrics that are missing. Whichever tables guess the lyrics correctly win a prize.
  • Favors: Nursery rhyme baby shower favors are a perfect way to make the event memorable. Purchase round gourmet chocolates that are covered in foil wrappers. Glue spider legs on the foil wrappers to make itsy bitsy spiders. In addition, bake circular cookies, and decorate them with yellow-colored sugar. The cookies will stand for the sun in the nursery rhyme, Itsy Bitsy Spider. Put the spider chocolates and sun cookies in favor bags for all of the baby shower guests.
  • Cake: In place of a cake, bake cupcakes and use a base frosting color of either pink or blue for the nursery rhyme shower. Create a spider in the middle of each cupcake by using black frosting to make a circle, and then use black string licorice for the legs.
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