Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Turn your house into the most festive one on the block with eye-catching outdoor Halloween decorations! Plan to decorate everywhere from the ground to the top of the tallest tree – even on the roof. Here are some outdoor Halloween decoration ideas you can use to transform any outdoor space into a haunted Halloween scene:

  • Ghost Town: Turn the term “ghost town” into outdoor Halloween decor for the front of your house. Purchase outdoor ghost decorations from your local party store or make them yourself. Use white trash bags, clear sandwich bags, black permanent marker, small styrofoam balls and white ribbon to make the ghosts. Waterproof the styrofoam balls with clear plastic bags. Cut the white trash bag open, lay flat and cut out individual squares of white plastic based on the sizes of the ghosts. Place a styrofoam ball in the center of each square cut-out and tie in place with ribbon. The Styrofoam ball portion is the head of the ghost and the excess trash bag is the body of the ghost. Use a black permanent marker to draw eyes on the ghost. Attach a piece of fish wire to the ghosts and hang them on tree branches, fences, lamp posts and doors.
  • Pumpkin Patch: Turn your front yard into a pumpkin patch. Choose a theme and start to carve, paint and decorate a variety of pumpkins for Halloween yard decorations. Create scary or friendly ghost carvings or paint pictures of animals on the pumpkins (like black cats and bats). Think outside the box and create a theme other than traditional Halloween. Carve faces of famous celebrity couples on the pumpkins or make creative masquerade masks. Place the pumpkins on the steps in front of your house or create Halloween lawn decorations.
  • Witches: Decorate your yard with scary Halloween witches with their brooms. Make the witches in a similar fashion as the ghosts, except with green trash bags instead of white. Add black yarn for the hair and place a witch’s hat on the top for the final touch. Use decorative branches and string to make brooms. Use fish wire to hang the witches and their brooms from trees around the yard.

Have too many Halloween yard decorating ideas? The overall look will be more cohesive when you focus on one specific Halloween theme. If you have multiple ideas that you want to incorporate, try breaking the yard up into various sections such as the cemetery, pumpkin patch or witches world.

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