Owl Themed Baby Shower

Guess HOOO is about to make an appearance! Just like owls nest in burrows of trees, moms-to-be tend to go through a nesting stage in preparation of their little one’s arrival. Oh what a hoot it would be to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby by planning an owl baby shower!

Use these cute owl baby shower ideas to execute an owl-themed shower that the mom-to-be and her guests will remember for years to come.

  • Invitations: Find owl baby shower invites and Incorporate owl baby shower invitation wording such as “Guess HOOOO will be here soon!” in addition to all of the main baby shower details. Punchbowl offers an owl baby shower invitation that is available in four different color combinations. Send owl-themed digital invitations for your shower to easily keep track of RSVPs, link guests to the gift registry, and much more!
  • Decorations: Buy brown, orange and off-white streamers. To start, unroll just a little bit of each color. Take the parts that are unrolled, and tape them together. Continue to unroll the steamers, all at the same time, while twisting them together. Decorate doorways, banisters and the edges of the table with the streamers to make your own owl baby shower decorations. Group brown, orange and off-white balloons together, and place a mylar owl balloon in the middle.
  • Cake: An owl baby shower cake will be a delicious addition to the owl baby shower. Bake a simple cake, and frost it with white frosting. Use brown frosting to create a border around the cake. Find a picture of an owl on a website or in a book, and trace it on to wax paper. Use brown fondant frosting to cut out the shape of an owl, and place it on the top of the cake. Write, “Guess HOOOO will be here soon!”
  • Favors: To create owl baby shower favors, purchase four or eight ounce clear baby bottles. Fill the bottles with either brown M&Ms or brown jelly beans. Take brown hair elastics and cut each one so that it is one long piece of elastic. Visit an arts and crafts store and purchase brown feathers that look similar to those of an owl. Glue the ends of the feathers to the elastic with a glue gun, so that they are vertical, and lined up one beside the other. Once the glue is dry, tie the elastic (with the glue and feathers facing inward) around the neck of the bottle. You can also decorate the bottle cap by gluing on brown feathers. Glue two large googly eyes to either two feathers on the elastic, or on the bottle cap. Voila, you now have an owl favor to keep with the owl baby shower theme!

For a fun twist on the traditional owl baby shower theme that uses brown for the decorations, cake and favors, seek inspiration from the owl invitations and make your owl a fun color!

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