Planning Early for Thanksgiving

 Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that requires a lot of planning. There are so many elements to a Thanksgiving meal—the appetizers, the mains, the sides, the dessert. And as if that weren’t enough, the host of any Thanksgiving dinner must also coordinate invitations, arrival, guest accommodations, activities, and more. Planning early for Thanksgiving can help you keep your head on straight throughout this busy time. This year, start your Thanksgiving planning weeks and even months ahead of time. If you do a little bit at a time, you’ll be surprised by how much you’ll have done when it gets closer to the holiday!
 Consider these tips for early Thanksgiving preparation as you begin your planning this year:
  • Guest list: Make sure to sort out your guest list way ahead of time. This will start a chain of reactions that will help you out throughout your Thanksgiving planning. Doing this first will allow you to send invitations out early, which will allow you to know in advance how many people to expect, and consequently get started with your Thanksgiving menu planning.
  • Invitations: Email or text online Thanksgiving invitations out early. Many people will receive multiple Thanksgiving dinner invitations and sending your invites first ensures that most or all of your guests will be able to attend. Additionally, if you have family travelling long distances, they’ll need to book flights and accommodation far in advance before reservations run out.
  • Menu: The best thing to do for Thanksgiving menu planning is to buy and order everything ahead of time. Although one-stop shopping is convenient, you’ll get better results if you choose to order your food from shops that specialize in the different ingredients and courses. This is hard to do last-minute, so give yourself the luxury of spending some time choosing the different shops that you’ll order from. Find local vendors on Punchbowl to determine where you’ll get each part of the meal.
 Use this Thanksgiving planner as a way to get a head start on your Thanksgiving menu this year. Enjoy these tips for early Thanksgiving preparation!
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