Party Politics Online Invitations

Whether it's an elementary school election for class president or the race for the President of the United States, throwing a political party or event needs an invitation to spread the word. Punchbowl has a wide assortment of party politics online invitations that can be customized for any political event. Invitations for a political event should be very specific and outline all the relevant details so people can be on time and also book it on their calendar way in advance.

Free political event invitations are hard to find, unless you look on Punchbowl! Create your event on Punchbowl and choose from free Democratic invitations, free Republican invitations, political rally invites and school elections. Include the date, time, where the event will be hosted, where people can park, etc. For an organized political event, you may need to ask for donations or there may be a silent auction or other fundraising element. The invitations for a Democrat event or free invitations for a Republican event should include a bit of information about the candidate and what their platform is about.

For a more casual event, plan a few fun activities like a political trivia contest, a fake election, or a movie screening of a popular political movie like The Candidate, Wag the Dog, State of the Union, The American President, Election, or All the President's Men.

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