Plan a Fun and Safe Halloween

 During the busy Halloween season, you're busy pulling together last minute costumes, decorating the yard, and saving your candy stash for excited trick-or-treaters. However, there is one more essential item to consider: safety. Don’t let anything prevent you and your kids from having a frightful and delightful holiday with family, neighbors, and friends. Here are some tips for having a fun and safe Halloween this year:
Costumes: Make smart costume selections that will prevent injury and accidents, such as:
  •  Avoid large or loose garments that pose a tripping hazard. If the costume has loose components, avoid standing near open flames or candles, such as jack-o-lanterns.
  •  Wear sturdy, well-fitting footwear. Over-sized clown shoes or mom’s high heels are not conducive for safe walking.
  •  If the costume includes a mask, make sure it does not restrict peripheral vision or hearing. Try to choose one that fits well, offers good ventilation, and has large eye holes. An alternative is to use non-toxic face paint instead of a mask.
  •  Select light-colored or reflective costumes that can be seen by drivers. You can also add reflective tape to props or candy bags for greater visibility.
Decorations: Set the stage for your guests and trick-or-treaters to have a hauntingly good time, but take precautions to avoid any real nightmares.
  •  Always keep a well-lit path and ensure walkways are clear of any debris or large decorations that could entangle visitors. 
  •  If you’re planning to use electronic decorations, take care not to overload circuits and always use a surge protector. Be sure to use lights that are approved for outdoor use. If you find any frayed cords or broken plugs, discard these decorations.
Trick-or-Treating: To keep this favorite activity sweet, review important safety instructions before leaving home.
  •  Always travel in groups and carry a flashlight with fresh batteries if going out in the dark.
  •  Pick a safe and familiar neighborhood. Stay on the sidewalk where available and walk, don’t run, from house to house.
  •  Only approach houses that have their lights on and wait to check out your candy bounty at home before starting to snack.
 Plan ahead with your safety precautions so that important details don’t get lost amidst the last minute shuffle before you head out the door. Now you are free to enjoy the spirit of the holiday and make some spectacular Halloween memories!
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