Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Kids

Entertain the kids during Halloween this year with some fun pumpkin decorating ideas for kids. Get creative and offer unique designs and pumpkin carving ideas for kids to spark their imagination. Kid's pumpkin decorating ideas incorporate fun aspects of crafts that kids love like painting, using fun accents and allowing their imaginations to run wild. These pumpkin carving ideas for kids are great for the classroom, a fall weekend activity or pre-Halloween fun.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas for Kids

Pumpkin ideas for kids:

  • Pumpkin Faces: Provide foam shapes and stickers, like eyes, noses, mouths, eye patches, glasses, hats, ears and other facial features for the kids. Let the kids mix and match the shapes and stickers and glue them on a pumpkin to create a scary or funny face.
  • Pumpkin Painting: Supply paint and paint brushes for the kids to decorate their pumpkins. Put out bowls of sequins, containers of glitter, fabric scraps and beads on the decorating table. Decorate the pumpkins with stencil designs or encourage the kids own painting creations. Get really creative and mix some glitter in a few of the paint colors!
  • Pumpkin Animals: Supply paint, googly eyes, egg cartons and pipe cleaners for the kids to create animals. Make a pig with pink paint, an egg carton for the snout and pink pipe cleaners for legs. Make a cow with white paint, black spots and white pipe cleaners for the legs. Make a black cat with big eyes, a cute pink nose and whiskers made of black pipe cleaners.
  • Pumpkin Carving: Give the option to older kids to carve their own pumpkin for Halloween. Purchase a kit with pumpkin carving knives with rounded edges for safety purposes. Pumpkin carving ideas for kids include stencils or pictures of carving designs. Offer ideas such as a black cat pattern, Goodnight Moon or a spider design. Be readily available to assist, as the carving job can get messy.
Keep in mind that messy equals more fun! Make sure you have a place to allow the kids’ pumpkin decorating to dry, if necessary. Proudly display the pumpkin decorations on the mantle or front porch in time for the fall holidays!
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