Sweet 16 Party: Rock Star Theme

A rock and roll or rock star theme is a perfect sweet 16 party theme for the teenager who doesn't put down their ipod! Work with your teen to find out his or her favorite performers, the kind of music that he or she prefers, and anything else that they'd like to incorporate into the party.

  • Invitations: Punchbowl has gorgeous free online invitations that are concert and rock-themed. Themed invites are a great way to let guests know about the Sweet 16 Rock Star party.
  • Decorations: You’ll want to choose appropriate Rock Star party decorations for whatever party space you intend to use. A wide open space is preferred so you can break the space into separate areas for the dance floor, food, and gifts. A Disco ball is definite must and you can also hang old CDs from the ceiling with fishing wire to play up the fun dance atmosphere (any colors and the disco ball will also reflect nicely off the CDs). Bright colors are your friend for this Rock Star party, so be sure to keep your tablecloth and balloons vibrant and up-beat.
  • Guest Involvement: Ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite rock star, and to bring their favorite music to add to the Rock Star atmosphere. When they RSVP, ask each guest to submit one or two songs to add to the party playlist. It will make the guests feel like they had a hand in planning the party.
  • Red Carpet: Rent or buy a long, thin red carpet to roll out in front of the entrance to the party and play paparazzi—take a Rock Star photograph of each arriving guest on the red carpet.
  • Activities: For activites, hold a dance contest to see which among your guests has the best moves. If you have your own copy of Guitar Hero, a Guitar Hero contest will also keep your aspiring Rock Stars entertained. You can also have an old school karaoke DJ to run a karaoke party. Provide winners with a small gift bag of glitter hair spray, a big pair of aviator sunglasses and a $10 gift card for iTunes to help build their Rock Star music library.
  • Refreshments: In terms of refreshments, set up a Mocktail bar (mocktails are non-alcoholic cocktails) and serve virgin pina coladas and other smoothies in margarita glasses to let your guests feel like Rock Stars without breaking any major state laws. Check out this virgin pina colada recipe to get started, and remember that you can't go wrong with fresh fruit and tangy sorbet blended together for smoothies.
  • Cake: Most true rockers love one thing—their guitars! Get a mold for a guitar-shaped cake and decorate it with bold colored frosting and the guest of honor's name. The kids will surely be talking about this rockin' cake for the rest of the night.

With these Sweet 16 Rock Star party tips to get your started, you should be off to a rocking start planning this sweet 16 birthday party!



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