Tips for Hosting a March Madness Party

It’s that time of year again—the snow is finally melting, the days are getting longer, and basketball season is heating up! Here are a few tips for hosting a successful March Madness party that your guests will be raving about long after the tournament is over!

  • The first step is to kick off your party planning with online March Madness invitations to invite friends and family. Customize your invitation with important details, send it from any digital device, and easily keep track of RSVPs.

  • A great way to get your guests excited about the party is to encourage them to make their own predictions as to which lucky team will come out on top! There are plenty of online resources to help you set up a March Madness tournament pool so that guests can fill out their game brackets. Easily include a link to the tournament pool in your invitation with instructions on how to participate. 

  • Prefer to go "old school"? Hand out blank game brackets prior to the start of the tournament and ask guests to bring their picks to your party so you can compare teams. It will also give your friends someone to cheer for in case they're not big college hoops fans.

  • Make it easy on yourself by making your event a potluck. If you can find a way to make the potluck fun for your guests, they might be more apt to sign up to bring something. For example, ask them to bring something from the region of their favorite team. If UNC is their top pick, maybe they could bring some BBQ. If they picked Maryland, crab cakes are a good choice. Use your invitation’s Potluck List feature so that guests can write in their contribution or you specify what you’d like each person to bring!

  • Be sure your television is in a location where everyone can easily see the big game. If you have multiple TVs in your house, place them in prime party spots where there will be a lot of foot traffic!  

  • Create a college/basketball trivia game for your guests to play during breaks about the teams that are playing in the tournament. Include non-sports-related questions for your guests who aren't as knowledgeable about the game but are still up on their college trivia.

  • Store drinks in a cooler to create a “game-like” atmosphere. Serve up sports drinks, hot dogs, and pretzels to give off the game-day vibe. 

  • Have a contest for the most passionate fan. Encourage guests to wear the gear from their favorite teams and encourage your own competition at the party. 

  • Surprise your guests with fun party favors like foam fingers, whistles, and trophies for the winners of the trivia contest and "most passionate fan" contest.

Whatever you choose to do at your March Madness party, be sure to put the focus on fun!

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