Toddler Halloween Party

Throw a toddler Halloween party to entertain the little ones during the most exciting holiday of the year. Stick with a traditional Halloween theme or select one that is appropriate for young children, such as happy pumpkins or friendly ghosts.

For your toddler Halloween party ideas, incorporate your friendly Halloween theme into the invitations, decorations, toddler crafts, Halloween activities and a cake for the party.

  • Invitations: Invite the toddlers (and their parents) to the Halloween party with a fun Halloween invitation. Plan the party around toddler nap times so the kids are fresh and ready to enjoy your Halloween festivities!
  • Decorations: Decorate the toddler Halloween party with items such as friendly ghosts, smiling pumpkins, sweet black cats and happy witches. To avoid tears keep your scary Halloween decorations in the closet for another year when the kids get older!
  • Crafts: Plan toddler Halloween crafts to entertain the kids during the Halloween party. For example, have the toddlers decorate pumpkins during the party. Purchase a mini pumpkin for each toddler and provide decorations such as paint, markers, stickers, fabric and ribbon.
  • Games: Play Halloween games for toddlers during the Halloween party. Make a pin the stem on the pumpkin game for the toddlers. Draw a large pumpkin on poster board and cut it out. Create stickers that resemble pumpkin stems. Award prizes to all the toddlers at the end of the game. For another toddler game, tie in the pumpkin decorating craft idea and consider a pumpkin decorating contest. Award prizes for the most creative, most colorful and most traditional pumpkins.
  • Cake: Bake a cake for the toddler party. One idea is to buy a cake pan in the shape of a pumpkin. Bake a vanilla or chocolate cake, then frost it with orange frosting and add green frosting to the stem. Cut triangles out of graham crackers and frost them with black frosting for the eyes and nose of the pumpkin. Cut out small squares of triangles, frost them with black frosting, and join them together in a semicircle for the mouth.

Take advantage of the toddler Halloween party and celebrate like a kid. Eat some cake, play games, create crafts and have a great time!

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