What to Include in Your Engagement Announcement

Try some of these great tips for what to include in your engagement announcement. Decide in advance if the announcements will be formal, or fun free engagement announcements for family and friends. Create the tone of the announcement based on whether it is formal or informal. Choose the engagement announcement wording based on who is sending the announcement--a parent or parents, a close family member, friend, or the bride and groom themselves.

Here are some engagement announcement ideas to guide you in deciding which engagement announcement information to include:

  • Include the names of the future bride and groom. Keep it consistent, and write the middle names of both or neither.
  • Share the parents’ names of the bride and groom, and their cities of residence.
  • Write the month of the wedding if it is already set in stone, and the wedding venue has already been reserved.
  • Disclose information about the bride and groom’s professions, such as the name of their employers and titles at the companies. Also include details about their education, such as the name of the college or university, major and degree.
  • Share the story of when the couple got engaged and the details of the proposal. Did he get on one knee? Did she cry? Where did it happen?
  • What’s next for the happy couple? Let people know that their invitation to the engagement party is coming soon or share the link to the wedding website.
  • Provide a quick summary of life as a couple so far. When did the bride and groom meet, how long they have been together, and what they are looking forward to in the future.
Follow proper engagement announcement etiquette, and tell those closest to the bride and groom in a particular order. First tell the children, next the parents, then grandparents, siblings, and friends. Tweak the order based on the bride and groom’s individual relationships with each group. Good luck and congratulations!
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