Win Sports Team “Snack Duty” with Wonderful Halos

Is it your turn to provide the snacks for your kid’s sports team practice or game? Opt for a winning snack that is as healthy as it is delicious. Choose Wonderful Halos as your snack of choice! Wonderful Halos make “Snack Duty” easy because they are sweet, seedless, and easy to peel — not to mention they are free from common allergens (no nuts, dye, soy, or gluten). They’re the perfect snack for big groups and take the stress out of snacktime. Don’t forget to attach a fun encouragement note to make snack time extra sweet!
Pick up a bag or box of Wonderful Halos and follow these steps to create fun encouragement notes that you can include with snacktime!
You’ll need…
  • Wonderful Halos mandarins
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Printable Encouragement Leaves PDF
  • Cardstock
Step 1
Step 2
Print the Leaves on either card stock or regular paper, then use your scissors to cut out each individual leaf.
Step 3
Use a small piece of tape to attach a leaf onto the top of each Halos mandarin.
This DIY is a fun and easy way to celebrate your little superstars, and the kids will love the adorable messages! It’s the perfect idea for a game-day snack. Get started on this sweet DIY by picking up a bag or box of Wonderful Halos!
*This project was inspired by What Moms Love.
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