Zoo Themed Baby Shower

Lions, and tigers and bears, oh my! Celebrate the upcoming arrival of a little cub by planning a zoo baby shower! Think back to the last time you were at the zoo to get inspiration for the zoo baby shower theme. There is a wide variety of animals found at the zoo so you have quite a few options regarding the types of zoo animals that you highlight in your decorations, favors, invitations, etc.

Here are some wonderful zoo themed baby shower ideas to include in your shower planning:

  • Invitations: Punchbowl offers a variety of zoo baby shower invitations that are ideal for this theme. Two popular zoo designs are the giraffe invitation and the elephant invitation (shown below). Once you select the zoo themed invitation that you like best, customize the invite with the shower details, including registry information and send via email to your guests.

  • Game: Include a zoo baby shower game on the baby shower agenda to break things up and keep the event fun and entertaining for your guests. One idea is to create a list of questions about specific zoo animals. Distribute the list of questions to each table. The tables that answer all of the questions correctly win a prize. To make the game more challenging, incorporate personal questions that relate to the theme. Some examples of questions are:
    • Which animal carries its babies in a pouch on its belly?
    • Which animal has smooth skin, no hair, lives in both the water and on land, and barks?
    • What is [mom-to-be name]'s favorite zoo animal?
    • Which animal is black and white, has wings, lives in the cold and waddles while walking?
    • Which animal will be used to deocrate the nursery?
  • Decorations: For zoo baby shower decorations, transform a section of the room into a zoo. For example, gather blue colored saran wrap and glue it onto a piece of circular cardboard to make it look like water. Use large cotton balls, or fake snow left over from Christmas decorations to make an iceberg. Place stuffed animal penguins on the display. For a scene containing a zebra, take a piece of cardboard and cover it with green colored saran wrap, for grass. Include green grass left over from Easter baskets, if available. Place a zebra stuffed animal on the grass. You can also add other animals to the grass to complete the scene. At the end of the shower, give all of the stuffed animals to the Mom-to-be as a baby shower present.
  • Cake: In place of a zoo baby shower cake, make zoo themed cupcakes. Decorate each cupcake so that it has a different zoo animal on the top. Zoo animals to consider are monkeys, lions, bears, and elephants. You have a few options for decorating the cupcakes. You can use your creative frosting skills to make the faces of each animal, or you can purchase cupcake toppers to easily create the zoo animal cupcakes.

Also, if you live near a zoo, try to stop by their gift shop before the shower. They may have items that you can use for the zoo shower decorations and you may get ideas for zoo party favors. If you know that a lot of your guests have kids, a thoughtful favor idea is a discounted pass to the zoo or a gift card that guests can use towards a visit to the local zoo.

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