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Elizabeth from LA Henna is a professional henna artist. Both self taught and professionally trained and certified, you are getting an experienced professional artist. Designs are all drawn on freestyle, no pictures or books to copy from. No stencils are used. It is drawn on traditionally using a henna cone not a plastic applicator bottle. The henna is all made in house. The henna itself is brought in from an organic Hindu farmer in India and shipped to us. We then mix each batch ourself with eucalyptus and tea tree oil. There is nothing extra added to compromise it's natural staining ability. You can be assured you are getting a safe homemade product. Henna stains dark and lasts up to two weeks. Elizabeth has been invited to numerous celebrity and high profile events in Los Angeles for over 15 years. Anytime a henna tattoo artist is called for you can be sure it's her. From Disney to Sony to Apple and more, Elizabeth has been the henna artist of choice for special events. Not to leave out the brides that have used her for their special days. Serving all of Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and surrounding areas. LA Henna is the professional choice for real safe traditional henna tattoos.

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