Psychic Medium Troy

13630 Basalt Ct

Broomfield, CO 80020


"Troy Griffin captures, ignites, motivates and inspires audiences internationally.”

Internationally renowned, Troy is a natural born, highly talented Intuitive Communicator who is compassionate, centered, and a down-to-earth individual who gives straightforward readings, a gift from God.

As a professional medium, I see picture, places, and things, which allows me to assist in answers you are searching for on past loved one’s, closure, missing persons, and unsolved murders. I get specific facts, details, identifying traits (mannerisms) and situations which I relay to you for your confirmation.When I feel their presence and receive insights from them I share this with you.

As a Clairvoyant, I see in my mind, snapshots or photographs which are usually very detailed. I do not use cards,ruins, or other tools in my readings. For my clients who book an 1-hour session with me, I will do an i-Ching reading from the "Book of Changes", an ancient Chinese manual of divination based on eight symbolic trigrams and sixty-four hexagrams, interpreted in terms of the principles of yin and yang.

Empathic psychics, (also called "empaths"), are psychics who possess the ability to experience what a person is feeling. This is different from a normal person's ability to UNDERSTAND how a person feels, because an empathic actually FEELS what the person is experiencing. The shared feelings may be emotional or physical.

With over 20+ years experience, Troy is a full-time international medium and psychic investigator with North American Psychic Investigations, a Meetup group of professional intuitive who volunteer in assisting with cold cases, missing person(s), and unsolved murder(s). Troy is also an ordained Minister.

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