9301 Snowden river pkwy

Columbia, MD 21046


NinjaBE is an Indoor Ninja Warrior Obstacle Adventure Center that delivers fun, excitement, and competition to your fitness routine. We offer daily opportunities for unique & exciting experiences, and a chance to develop relationships with like-minded peers who desire to challenge themselves to become more physically fit.

Participants at NinjaBE Fitness Center range from 5 to 99 years old. In other words, we are not restricted by age. NinjaBE Guests that just barely meet a height minimum of 42 inches (preferably 48 inches) and a weight minimum of 40lbs, and have good fitness capability should be able to attempt and possibly complete a majority of the FitGames in the Center.

NinjaBE delivers 10 FitGames to our Ninja family. Two of the ten FitGames are truss-based Ninja Warrior Obstacle Courses. Each course has 15-20 elements. Physical strength, span of arms, span of legs, all factor into how many elements are doable by each of our Guest Ninja’s. The Sasuke course is our most advanced course & it is estimated that a Guest Ninja at 42-48 inches (and good fitness rating) will be able to complete 5 of the 15-20 elements on the course. The Shinobi Zone contains our beginner to intermediate course and Guests that are 42-48 inches should be able to attempt/complete 10 out of 15 of the elements on the Shinobi course. As for the remaining 8 FitGames at NinjaBE, Guests that are 42-48 inches and 40lbs or more, are able to attempt/complete each FitGame. Any Guest over 48 inches should be able to attempt or complete (based on fitness level) all 10 FitGames.

Adults & Families are welcome & CAN workout at NinjaBE! NinjaBE also offers Adult- ONLY Workouts on Friday & Saturday nights from 8 pm to 10 pm.

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