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We're a caricature company that runs a stand, a website, and an active event business. We'll draw your caricature on the spot or over the internet! We hire only friendly, reliable, teachable artists, and with our low turnover rate, we boast some of the most experienced and skilled caricature artists in town!

TRADE SHOWS/CONVENTIONS Our digital caricature presence never fails to impress conventioneers. Drawing on 10-inch tablets, we display the art in progress wirelessly on large TVs. Attendees will always pause to check out the drawing in progress. The brave ones who sit for a caricature will be a captive audience for five minutes or so, long enough for your booth staff to make their pitch or get the information they need.

Our traditional caricature set up for conventions is unique. We use a large TV mounted on a metal black artists easel, and install a tiny video camera at the top. The video camera, pointed at the drawing board, display the drawing in progress to passers-by, greatly increasing visibility. At trade shows and conventions, drawing the eye is paramount, and we're able to do so gracefully and with ease.

WEDDINGS At weddings or formal events, we know how important it is to you that your artist shows up on time, dressed appropriately, and interacts well with guests while providing quick souvenirs of the evening. We've mastered the skills necessary to do this. We'll confirm ahead of time, bring the required supplies, and provide entertainment all night at no hassle to you.

PARTIES The caricature line at a party can grow long, whether it's for a one-year-old's birthday or a corporate Christmas bash. We draw fast. We hire only friendly artists, and we teach them to draw quickly. It's important to get a hilarious likeness in under five minutes, and that's our priority at parties. Groups of friends love to laugh at themselves and each other, and caricatures are a great facilitator of laughs.

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