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Hyde Park , VT 05655

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Jaclyn Watson Events specializes in custom bespoke weddings & events that create breathtaking, one-of-a-kind experiences. We are passionate about capturing a couple or companies’ personal style and vision to create exceptional weddings and events based on experience through storytelling. We pride ourselves in our vetted event professionals, brought together by a vast network of creatives after a decade in the event industry. Working alongside some of New England’s most sought-after wedding professionals, JWE will help to create the luxury event of your dreams.

As a team we push our creative threshold, always striving to create something new and unique to our clients. When you book with Jaclyn Watson Events, you guarantee a rare level of dedication to your event details. Our focus is to know you individually so that we can bring you to the table and create awe-inspiring, yet familiar experiences for you and your guests. You become a part of the JWE family, and you can count on you and yours being involved in a unique family-team approach to the planning process which will be custom tailored to fit within your lifestyle most comfortably.

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