1st Birthday Party Supplies

Planning your child’s first birthday party doesn’t need to be stressful. Once you have an idea of the type of party you want to have, the next step is to choose 1st birthday party supplies. Typical supplies that you will need for the party are paper goods, tableware, favors, decorations, and balloons. Here are some things to keep in mind with regards to party supplies as you plan your child's 1st birthday:

  • Themed Supplies: Party supplies are a great way to incorporate the party theme into the event. For example, jungle-themed napkins, plates, utensils, and decorations are the perfect addition to a safari birthday party. Themed decorations and 1st birthday supplies will help make the event unique and enjoyable for all who attend.
  • Banners & Signs: A banner is a great 1st birthday party supply to have at your party. If you are feeling creative, you can make a homemade banner out of construction paper and other materials. Or, you can design one online or purchase one at a store. Whatever you decide to do, a “Happy 1st Birthday Banner” will be the perfect backdrop for your child’s party.
  • Balloons: One of the keys to creating a festive party atmosphere is balloons. Once you have your theme or color scheme, plan for a couple of balloon bouquets in strategic locations. The helium balloons can be solid colors. Include one mylar balloon in the middle of the bunch that is 1st birthday appropriate. You can get balloons from your local party supply store, online, or work with a balloon vendor in your area.
  • Favors: Party favors such as personalized magnets, picture frames, or candy are a great way to thank your guests for coming to your child’s birthday party. These favors can be customized to the theme of the party or they can include a picture of the birthday girl or boy.

The key to a successful party is planning ahead. Make sure that you know how many people will be attending the party so that you know how many party supplies to purchase (this is most relevant for tableware, favors, etc.). Staying organized and being prepared will ensure that your party runs smoothly and your child's 1st birthday will be an event to remember!   

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