5 Fabulous DIY Party Favors

Feeling crafty? Try your hand at making homemade party favors for your next celebration! DIY party favors can be personalized for each of your guests, and can be made to match your party theme perfectly. Remember: the best do it yourself party favors will leave a lasting impression on your guests and will serve as a warm reminder of the fun times you’ve shared together.

DIY party favor ideas

Here are some DIY party favor ideas for your next party:

  • Personalized Potted Plants: Potted plants are an easy party favor and are perfectly suited to a garden party or tea party. Buy inexpensive potted flowers or herbs and dress them up with brown paper and twine. Place the pot on the paper and fold it neatly up around the pot in a pattern. Secure it with the twine and personalize with a tag for each guest or family. You can also use chic printed wrapping paper for a more vibrant look.
  • Honey and Granola: This homemade party favor idea would be perfect for a “What Will it Bee?” gender reveal baby shower, a bee themed birthday party, or just an outdoor gathering. You will need mason jars, honey, granola, small boxes, and burlap (or another rustic homespun fabric). Pour the honey and granola into separate jars, wrap in the fabric, and place in the box. Include your favorite recipe with honey and granola. (This can be as simple as yogurt with honey and granola.) The jars can be packaged however you like and this idea can easily be scaled down using empty baby food jars!

5 Fabulous DIY Party Favors

  • Homemade Bubbles: Put homemade bubble solution into inexpensive containers like jars or bottles from a dollar store. Personalize them with printed customized labels or paint them with the same colors from the party decorations. Bend pipe cleaners to use as bubble wands and tie them onto the bubble containers with colored string or twine. Try this recipe for easy homemade bubbles: combine ½ cup dishwashing detergent, 4 ½ cups water, and 4 tablespoons glycerin (available at your local pharmacy).
  • Candy Tubes: These are great DIY party favors for kids’ parties. Instead of putting inexpensive store bought trinkets and candy in store bought bags, reuse empty toilet paper tubes. Wrap a toilet paper tube (or paper towel tube) in decorative tissue paper and secure with a very small piece of clear tape at the seam. Leave about two inches at the end of the tube on each side. Tie one end with ribbon and fill with small goodies. Then tie the other with ribbon and personalize with guests' names if you wish. This can be done-up for adults too with more sophisticated paper and more adult-appropriate treats inside (like chocolate truffles!).
  • S’more Kit: Fill small plastic bags with a pyramid of s’more supplies: two graham crackers broken in half, two squares of chocolate, and two marshmallows stacked on top. Tie the bag at the top of the s’more pyramid with ribbon or twine. These simple party favors don’t have to just be for outdoors or kids’ camping parties (although they can be). Make this a universally cute favor by attaching a clever note that says “Sending you home with s’more love” or a similar pun.

5 Fabulous DIY Party Favors

Simple party favor ideas make a big impression on guests when they are cleverly and neatly packaged. Print out labels and names to keep your favors clean and matching your theme and decorations. Your guests will have a simple and useful gift to take home to remember the great time they have at your party!

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