5 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays

Learn how to celebrate the holidays in style this year! Start your holiday planning well in advance of December, and pace yourself to avoid becoming overwhelmed with stress. Check out these simple ideas for celebrating the holidays stress-free.

Take advantage of these helpful holiday planning ideas:

  • Potluck Party: Plan a holiday party and invite immediate family and close family friends rather than a large crowd. Design and send a quick holiday invitation from Punchbowl and order some decorations and supplies online. Make it a potluck party, and ask everyone to bring a dish for the meal.
  • Throw a Post-Holiday Party: Send a save the date for your post-holiday party, and schedule some fun for early or mid-January. Relieve yourself of leftover decorations and supplies from the holidays and excite your guests about their plans for the new year.
  • Host a Day to Give Back: Take advantage of the holidays and give back to your community. Teach the kids about the spirit of the holidays and to give back to those less fortunate. For example, serve food at a homeless shelter and invite family and friends to assist with the event. For another idea, wrap or collect presents for children less fortunate.
  • Yankee Swap: Invite your family and friends to a holiday celebration in your home, and plan a Yankee Swap. Ask everyone to bring a wrapped present worth a set amount. Cross your fingers that you walk away with one of the most sought-after gifts!
  • Head to the Movies: Save your energy this holiday season. Break tradition and head to the movies for some fun! Save some money and sneak in some popcorn and drinks, or splurge and treat yourself and the family to delicious snacks from the theatre. Pick the movie based on the ages and preferences of the attendees. For a safe bet, choose a family-themed movie.

Have fun planning for the holidays, and enjoy your time with family and friends. Add some holiday spice with these five fantastic ideas! Here’s one of our favorite free Christmas invitation designs to kick off your celebration:

Free Christmas party invitations

Free Christmas party invitations

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