Back to School Class Craft Day

When it’s time to go back to school, many kids might be sad at the thought of leaving their summer vacation behind. After months of fun in the sun, they may not be ready to go back to class just yet. To fill the air with school spirit, gather all the neighborhood children for a back to school craft day. You can design personalized book covers, decorate back packs, create name tags, and much more that gets the kids excited about heading back to class. After this party, the kids will definitely be ready for the first day of school!
Begin planning your back to school craft party now and send a free digital invitation. Within the invitation, you can ask parents to bring supplies, suggest their own creative craft ideas, and bring a creative snack for the kids.
back to school crafts
Next it's time to get the creative juices flowing with fun and useful craft ideas! Take a look at these suggestions:
  • Book cover decorations: Your child is sure to have a bunch of new books for his or her classes this year. Why not decorate the covers? This is a fun activity that will also allow your child to distinguish his or her books from those that belong to other students. First, have your kids cover their books with paper (from paper bags, construction paper, etc.) Then, give them some markers, glitter glue, and stickers and let them get as creative as they’d like! Don’t forget to write the name of the book on the cover as you’ll want to know which one it is!
  • Nametags: Make beautiful nametags for your children that they can wear around throughout the first few days of school. First, cut small pieces of poster board or foam board. Next, use colored pens to write their names on the cards. Get creative and include different small designs on them to make them extra special. Then, bring them to get laminated. Use Velcro tape on the back so that they can be attached to fabric. You can also buy plastic covers that have special pins on the back of them. Just slip the paper inside these covers to make sure the tags will last! Another idea is to make these nametags in the shape of different animals.
  • Personalized pencil cases: Every student needs a pencil case to make sure they always have a writing utensil! To start the year of right, customize a pencil case with your child. Buy some plain plastic pencil cases for him or her. Then, give him or her markers and stickers to decorate the pencil case!

  • Fun flash cards: Since it’s the beginning of the year, your children will probably get a bunch of tables, equations, etc. that they’ll need to memorize. Make this task fun and help them create spirited index cards that they can use to learn these facts! Then, play a trivia game with them to help them study before a quiz.
A back to school craft day is sure to get the kids excited about heading back to school! Plus, these activities are extra enjoyable because they will give your kids and their friends some extra time to spend together before summer officially ends. 
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