Birthday Gifts for Kids

Want to find the perfect birthday gifts for kids? Imagination, creativity and thoughtfulness are three things to keep in mind when brainstorming kids birthday gift ideas. It is also good to know that a kid’s birthday gift does not need to be expensive or over the top, it just needs to be something that the recipient will like.

Some of the best kids birthday gifts are things that they can use. Toys, dolls, or arts and crafts supplies are always a safe bet for a child of any age because they are fun and encourage play. Sometimes you may not know what the birthday boy/girl is interested in, so when choosing a gift make sure it is something universal for either. Doing a little research on popular kids toys or crafts is a good idea because children’s toys are constantly changing.

If you do know what the child likes, then tailor your gift to fit their interests. For example, if they love drawing buy them art supplies or if they like cars buy them a model car set that they can assemble themselves. You can also tailor the gift to the party theme you were invited to, like a Star Wars, Sesame Street, or Dora the Explorer toy, book, or game.

Some unique birthday gifts for kids include:

  • Tickets to see a play, musical, or 3D movie
  • Gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, like the Rainforest Cafe
  • A gift basket with all the ingredients and tools to make their favorite dessert
  • A personalized backpack with their initials
  • A DIY outside scavenger hunt basket complete with flashlights, a list of things to find, etc.
  • Splurge on a piece of jewelery or a special toy that they have had their hearts set on

Birthday gift for kids should be fun and educational if possible. Thinking outside of the box and being thoughtful will ensure that you give the right present at your next kids birthday celebration.

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