Avast! Pirate Birthday Party Planning

 Ahoy matey! Start planning for your next birthday party celebration and organize a fun-filled pirate birthday party. Plan a pirate theme birthday party with complementary invitations, decorations, food, and games for the big day. Incorporate as many pirate themed details as possible. You could even consider holding the festivities on a boat!
 Check out these fantastic pirate birthday party ideas:
  • Invitations: Create your event on Punchbowl to access a variety of kids birthday party invitations including some fabulous pirate designs. Use the invitations to give guests all the details of the party and to add a note for everyone to dress like a pirate for a costume party! 
  • Decorations: Deck out the residence or venue with pirate birthday party decorations. Include decorations such as anchors, pirate flags with skulls and bones, treasure chests, and even paper parrots. Print out graphics of pirate maps and hang them all over the party space.
  • Food: Gather pirate birthday party supplies such as food and beverages for your guests. Take the pirate birthday party theme up a notch with Pirate’s Booty popcorn as a snack, fish and chips for dinner, and grog (made with lime, sugar and rum) for a beverage. Don’t forget the pirate birthday cake. Make or purchase a rectangular shape cake, and decorate it to look like a treasure chest with gold inside.
  • Games: Plan pirate birthday party games to get the party started, and continue the fun throughout the duration of the celebration. Stick with the pirate themed party theme for the games. Divide guests at the party into groups and have them choose one member to dress up as a pirate. Provide supplies such as pirate hats, eye patches, earrings, and face paint. Award a prize for the best dressed pirate.
 Try some or all of these ideas for a pirate birthday party, and remember to keep your guests happy, or they may make you walk the plank!
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