Milestone Birthday: Experience Gifts

Struggling with gift ideas for your mom's 50th or your boyfriend's 30th? It's a milestone birthday so it's a given that you want to do something special. Obvious ideas are to host a big party, take a trip or get a fancy gift. Why not try something different to mark this important occasion?

Try an experience gift! Experience gifts range from hot air balloon rides and gourmet cooking classes to skydiving and stock car racing. You can even swim with the sharks or take flight lessons. Basically there's something for every personality and every age. There are even experiences for kids like a candy factory tour or an overnight at the rock gym.


Here are some questions to ask yourself to come up with the perfect experience gift:

  • Is the birthday boy or girl a thrill-seeker or do they prefer activities where they can keep both feet on the ground?
  • Is there something that the birthday boy or girl has always talked about doing but hasn't yet taken the plunge?
  • What types of tv shows does he or she like to watch? You can tell a lot about a person who watches Deadliest Catch versus someone who watches Cupcake Wars.

Whether you gift a mind-blowing adventure, a cultural experience, or some other type of activity, experience gifts are exciting and unique. it’s easy to see why these gifts are the newest way to celebrate milestone birthdays—including sweet sixteen, 21, 30, 40, and even 100. 

So before you buy a gift that you're not sure about, consider giving the gift of an experience instead!

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