Celebrating Chrismukkah: An Interfaith Holiday

Gather family and friends who celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah, and throw a Chrismukkah party. Host your interfaith holiday celebration in between the holidays of Hanukkah and Christmas. Incorporate traditions from both holidays to create one big Chrismukkah celebration.

Take advantage of these creative Chrismukkah ideas, sure to win over all of your guests.

  • Decorations: Decorate your Chrismukkah party with beautiful decorations, symbolic of both Christmas and Hanukkah. Create Christmas stockings to hang on the fireplace, but decorate them with Hanukkah decorations, such as the Star of David. Incorporate the colors for both holidays. Display some decorations with the colors red and green for Christmas. Select decorations with blue and white for Hanukkah. Add silver accents for both holidays.
  • Activities: Plan fun activities for a variety of age groups.
    • Light the menorah, but use red and green colored candles.
    • Decorate the Christmas tree with ornaments symbolic of Hanukkah, such as the Star of David, menorahs and dreidels.
    • Play the Dreidel Game, but use candy canes instead of gelt.
    • Send the little kids out on a search for both Hanukkah gelt and candy canes.
    • Go Chrismukkah caroling in the neighborhood, and sing a combination of both Christmas and Hanukkah songs.
  • Food: Serve delicious food to complement both Hanukkah and Christmas holidays. For appetizers, serve potato latkes for Hanukah and stuffed mushrooms for Christmas. Make a main course dish such as prime rib. Add side dishes such as kugel and stuffed cabbage. For dessert, serve Christmas and Hanukkah cookies, along with fruit cake.


Send a festive Christmukkah card to friends and family - see all the options that Punchbowl has to offer. Try your best to incorporate the same number of both Hanukkah and Christmas details and traditions into the interfaith holiday celebration party. Enjoy celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah, and make it an educational experience for all in attendance.

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