Cocktail Party Decorations

Cocktail party decorations can be simple, elegant or elaborate depending on the theme and size of your party. Whether your theme is a luau or a black and white affair, the cocktail party décor is what creates the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy the soiree.

Here are some universal tips to help you decorate and create a successful cocktail party:

  • Pick Theme Colors: Use your party theme to help pick 2-3 colors to incorporate into all party decorations. If the party does not have a theme, then use the same rule but choose colors you feel compliment the party space.
  • Balloons: Balloons may seem like an obvious addition to the cocktail party decoration, but they really add to the décor and are easy to display. Pick balloons in the theme colors. Make bouquets of balloons and place them at the entrance of your party, in stairways and in the corners of the party space.
  • Flowers: Whether your theme is fancy or casual, flowers are always a great cocktail party decoration to include. Again, use the party theme colors if applicable, when picking out your flowers. Be creative with the displays by using unique household items as vases, such as a beach pail for a beach theme, a terra cotta pot for a garden theme or a martini shaker for a Hollywood theme.
  • Candles: For instant ambiance, place candles throughout the party space. On the bar, on tabletops and near any food displays are the best locations. Buy candles that compliment your theme colors and theme. For example, a scented candle may be appropriate for an elegant cocktail party theme but use unscented candles for an intimate dinner party. If you are unsure, tea lights are universally appropriate for all parties.
  • Music: Play music to add to the ambiance and atmosphere of the party. Make a playlist that compliments the theme of the party such as upbeat jazz for an elegant cocktail party or reggae music for a beach theme. When creating your playlist have more mellow songs at the beginning and more upbeat ones towards the end. This will compliment the overall flow and mood of the cocktail party.
  • Food & Beverage: You don’t normally think of your food and beverages as decorations, but creating elegant and unique displays adds to your cocktail party décor. To do this, create tablescapes that are complimentary with the party theme colors. Display your dishes on festive plates and arrange them in creative ways. Use a cupcake tree, found at any local party supply store, to elegantly display cupcakes. You can also make beverages unique, by having theme-colored signature cocktails that are garnished with seasonal fruits.

Cocktail party decorations will add flair to any celebration and are always a great way to infuse the party space with color and energy as well as create great backdrops for pictures.

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