College Graduation Party Ideas

College graduation party ideas can vary depending on the timing and location of the graduation, the number of guests on the guest list, and the interests and personality of the guest of honor. Below are some helpful tips and ideas for college graduation parties to help get you started. 

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  • Intimate Dinner Party: One college graduation party idea is to plan an intimate get together with a few close friends and their families for a group party. Contact a local restaurant near the university to make a reservation for the party. Make reservations early because restaurants will book up quickly — especially if the graduation is in a city in which other graduations will be occurring at the same time!

  • Theme Party: If you are looking for a way to spice up your party, there are several college graduation party themes that you could use for the big event. Some popular themes for graduation parties include Graduation Luau, Black and White Party, Night in Havana, or a Fiesta. All of these college graduation party themes can work for an informal, backyard party or for a fancier dinner party. Be creative with your party theme and incorporate it into the invitations, decorations, food, and party favors.

  • Digital Invitations: Whatever type of party you throw, set the stage for your event with online graduation invitations. Customize your favorite design, deliver by email or text, and collect RSVPs in minutes!

  • College Superlatives: A fun idea for a college graduation party is to have a variety of college awards for your son or daughter to give out to their friends. At the start of the party, have a list of all of the different awards on a piece of paper and have each of the college grads vote for who they think should get the award. Some ideas for different awards are: Best Dressed on Campus, Most Likely to be the Next Oprah, Class Clown, Most Likely to Become a CEO, and Most School Spirit. Be creative with the superlatives and try to make it fair so that everyone goes home with at least one award.

  • College Trivia: Set up a trivia game for your guests to play, similar to Jeopardy. Have categories such as "School Spirit," "Sports," and "Entertainment" and make the trivia questions about the school and the grad's four years in college. You'll need the guest of honor to help come up with questions for their friends.

  • Party Favors: If you plan to give out college graduation party favors, consider items that you think your grad and their friends can use as they enter the "real world." Business card holders and personalized keychains (for their first apartment!) both make wonderful graduation favors.
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